New Year’s Eve Countdown Activities for Kids

Gone are the days when I squeezed into a tight sparkly dress and partied until 2am. This year I am reflecting on 2013 and celebrating the fact that I survived my first year as a mom (without a breakdown). I am excited to stay at home and do activities with my little girl this year, she is only 1 year old so she can’t appreciate New Years in it’s totality but I know some of my friend’s kids will love the ideas in this post! I found tons of great activities on the internet, came up with a few of my own and designed some printables for this awesome list of New Year’s Eve Countdown Activities for Kids! I realize that not all of these activities will work for everyone so I made sure to include lots of extras so that you can pick and choose what you want to do.

There are a few ways you can do this countdown. First thing you have to do is print out my New Year’s Eve Countdown Activities for Kids Printable. 

Activities for New Year Countdown

Then cut out the activities that you want to do with your kids and  decide how you want to organize them. Here are some options (with pictures below)

  • Put your activities into balloons, blow them up and your kids can pop them every hour to find the activity.
  • Put each activity along with any needed materials into brown lunch bags and tape or glue on these HAPPY NEW YEAR KIDS ACTIVITY BAG TAG to the front.
  • Have your kids pull an activity from a jar every hour. You can decorate the jar by printing this Happy New Year Countdown Jar Label

Hours-of-excitement-Almost-time-for-the-count-down new-years-balloon-Alison-dec-2011-2 New Years Activity Bag

New Year Jar Activities


Now the fun part! Below are all of the New Year’s Eve Countdown Activities for Kids along with links to any needed tutorials and my free printables! I tried to keep things mostly black and white to save you ink :) I slipped in a little gold, couldn’t help it. ENJOY!

1. CRAFT A CLOCK. You can find a tutorial at I suggest doing this first so the kids can keep track of the hour and match the clocks up to the lunch bags (if you printed my clock bag labels)

paper plate clock all display 2 wm

2. MAKE A NEW YEAR BANNER. You can find lots of tutorials online or wing it! But here is a wrapping paper one from,  a tinsel cardboard one from FromJtoZ and  a banner made from Christmas cards from

New Years Sign

New Years Tinsel Banner


3. MAKE A PIPE CLEANER CROWN. Get this easy tutorial from

Pipe Cleaner Crown

4. MAKE A NEW YEARS BALL. So far we have a countdown clock, a new year sign, a crown but your kids need to make a new year ball! Make some version of a glitter ball to drop and bring in the new year. Here is a good tutorial at and another tutorial from

New Years Kids Craft Glitter Ball NEW YEARS DIY BALL CRAFT

5. DRAW YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. I made this New Year Resolution Drawing Printable for Kids that is easy to download, print and your kids can sketch out what they would like to do in the New Year! They can draw places they want to go, things they want to do, the possibilities are endless!

New Years Resolution Drawing printable

6. CONDUCT A NEW YEAR INTERVIEW. I designed this fun NEW YEARS INTERVIEW FOR KIDS PRINTABLE   that you can do every year.  They can fill it in themselves or tell you what to write about their favorite memory of last year and plans for the new year.

Happy New Year Interview Preview

7. MAKE A WISHING TREE. I got this idea from and decided to design my own little wishing stars. Just print out this New Year Wishing Tree Printable and cut out the stars, then have your child fill in wishes for the New Year. Hole punch and string up on branches or just hang around your living room

New Year Wishing Tree New Year Wishing Tree

8. EAT DINNER! Lol… I considered posting some awesome new year themed dinner recipe recommendation for this “activity” but I’m not a good cook and won’t pretend to be. I vote pizza. Either way, I would slip this activity in so that your kids make some time to eat!

9. DECORATE COOKIES. Again, not a cook, so I would get the premade sugar cookie dough that comes in rolls, slice it up, bake it while they are eating dinner and then they can decorate the cookies once you are finished! For those over achieving super parents out there…..  or those with kids that like to cook here is a link to sugar cookie star recipe at

Star Cookies New Years

10. PLAY NEW YEAR PICTIONARY OR CHARADES. Now that your kids are hyped up on sugar cookies let them burn some energy on the next few activities. You can have everyone play pictionary. Print out my NEW YEAR PICTIONARY WORDS and cut up then place face down on table. Divide the room into 2 teams, hand out paper and pencil to each team. Do rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first. That team must pick up a card and they have 1 minute (maybe 2 for younger kids) to sketch out a picture that represents the word on the card and have their team guess it. If the team guesses the word in under 1 minute then they get a point. Once the cards are all gone the team with the most points wins. Sorry I didn’t make a printable for charades but you can follow the same instructions as above, you just need to act out the words. Have everyone write down 2-3 charade word ideas on paper, put them in a hat and choose from those.

New Year Pictionary Words

11. GO ON A TREASURE HUNT. Getting tired yet? Need a break? Want to gossip with your friends and need the kids to scram? Then pull out this treasure hunt activity! Print my New Year Treasure Hunt printable and have your kids find the treasures. After they are done you can give some brownie points to any child that wants to put everything back :)

New Year Treasure Hunt

12. PLAY BALLOON VOLLEYBALL. Are your kids still high on sugar? If so you can burn the last bit of energy they have with a little balloon volleyball. Put a coffee table in the middle of the room or roll out some fabric as a middle line then just have the kids hit the balloon (or balloons!) back and forth without leaving their spot on the floor. No knees, no crawling, no standing… just falling over and reaching for the balloon while trying to keep your bum in one spot. You would be shocked at how fun this is and can go on forever. The great part is the parents can sit around the outer rim (couch)  and hit the balloon back in bounds while talking and enjoying some champagne.

13. MAKE A NEW YEAR COLLAGE. Give your kids magazines and have them glue together a collage of things they want to do in the new year, skills they want to learn, places they want to go, people they want to meet. You can use this New Year Collage Printable that I designed or just use plain paper.

New Year Collage Printable Preview

14. MAKE A NOISEMAKER. There are tons of tutorials online for making these. Kids will love them for weeks after new years is over (although you won’t). Here is a tutorial from Domesticcharm and tutorial from


Family New Year's Eve~ Noise Makers - Page 189

15. CREATE A TIME CAPSULE. I love love love this idea! Put in some of your favorite pictures from the year. along with the New Years Interview (#6 on this post) your child filled in earlier in the night, the New Year collage (#13 on this post) and the New Years Resolution drawing (#5 on this post) and maybe a few of the star wishes (#7 on this post). Great capsules to use are oatmeal containers, formula containers and large mason jars. You can store the container in the garage with your holiday storage or bury it in the ground to dig up next year, then just continue to add to it every year.
Here is a capsule made by for example as well as a jar example from

New Year Time Capsule new-years-eve-time-capsule-500x247

16. COLOR THE NEW YEAR CARTOON. This is aimed for younger kids or for any kids that want to do something easy and relaxing. Simply color in this New Year Coloring Page Printable

New Year Coloring Page Printable

17. DECORATE A T-SHIRT. There are SO many things you can do for this (puffy paint, tie dye, stencils) but I found a post that I really love and can’t wait to do with Scarlett someday. You don’t need much… just sharpies, rubbing alcohol and white t-shirts. This would be really fun to do with onesies.  Check out the tutorial at

New Year Tshirt Crafting

18. PLAY NEW YEAR BINGO. This looks so fun! I want to play, I think the parents could get involved in this one.. maybe make it a drinking game, ok ok maybe not. But still this looks fun, visit pluckymomo to download for her awesome bingo printables

New Years Eve Bingo

That’s it! So many amazing ideas and fun things to do with the kids, I really hope you have a great time and enjoy every moment… they go so fast. I know I hate when people say that too, how do you enjoy your kid screaming at 4am, but try :)  HAPPY NEW YEAR, bring on 2014!

For more amazing and fun ideas go and visit Happywishcompany, they posted a great blog today with lots of ideas and used my printables!

New Years Activities for Kids New Years Activities for Kids

Oh, one more thing.  I was inspired to write this post and create this countdown when I was cruising one of my favorite blogs and saw Holly’s post on New Years Eve activities. I actually stole 4-5 of her ideas for my post and just expanded on them! Love her blog, they have so much great stuff. Check it out Check out her NEW YEARS EVE IDEAS post here.




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    What a great round up of ideas for the kiddos! I ‘ll try to implement a few this year! Thanks for linking up to our Top 10 of 2013 linky party!
    Happy New Year!

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    Live these ideas! Thanks for including my clocks! I shared this on Facebook and pinned it too! I need to get moving in something’s for the kiddos…love the inspiration!

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    I love all of these ideas. My kids are older and would love to contribute to the party by making noise makers. Even though your little one is only a year old you are building wonderful traditions and memories. Thanks for great crafts! Happy New Year

  5. Hannah says

    Thanks for this list and the links! I think we will have our best New Years Eve party yet! The kids will have a blast! I’m really excited to do these together.


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