DIY Baby Picture Board Book

If you are looking for a great gift for a baby or toddler you came to the right place! Most kids love looking at pictures of themselves and their family.  My one year old Scarlett is vain and demands to see pictures of herself on my phone constantly. I’m not going to lie to you….  this DIY baby picture board book was not my usual easy breezy type of project. It took a good bit of time and patience so be prepared for that before you dive in.  In other words, do not make this gift for a random co-worker you barely know, make this for a good friend or family member 😉 Or better yet, make this for your own child !

DIY Baby Board Book

BIG TIP: Use a book with less pages. Mine was 30 total pages including cover and back which ended up being a little much. When you are picking a board book at the thrift store, or on amazon, look for something with 14 total pages or less. It took me a full day to do this project, working off and on.  The most consuming part is the DRYING time! You have to dry each page individually open or the crease in the spine will stick together so I pretty much visited this project every 30 minutes all day long, doing a new page then walking away. I made this for my good friend’s son, who is sooooo sweet, so it was well worth it.

Materials Needed: Board book (from the thrift store or 6$ blank board book from Amazon. Modpodge, Foam paint brush, scissors, Pictures (I printed on to cardstock) and white acrylic paint (optional, see step #5 below for details). 
DIY Picture Board Book


1. Measure your board book and figure out the dimensions your pictures + captions need to be. Make our final picture + caption 1/4″ smaller then book page. So if your book is 6″x6″ then your picture including the caption should be 5 3/4″x5 3/4″.

2. Design your pictures and captions in the computer. If you do not already have a way you like to do this then please go to my Add Text to Pictures POST for instructions using power point or picmonkey.

3. Print out your pictures and captions onto light weight cardstock. I used 67lb cardstock from Amazon, it is 8$ for 250 sheets.

4. Cut out your pictures.

DIY Picture Board Book

5. ** This step is optional.  If you bought a thrift store board book and you would like your final board book to look clean then PAINT THE OUTER PORTION OF YOUR PAGES WHITE and fan out your book to let the paint dry. Make sure it is TOTALLY DRY, give this at least an hour and you might even need 2 coats.

DIY Picture Board Book    DIY Picture Board Book

3. While paint is drying pour yourself some wine and drink. I like this Chile Cabernet from Trader Joes 3.99$ it is amazing people. My other fave for 3.99 is in the Italy Section it is bright orange label GRIFONE PRIMITIVO. Aweeeeessssooome.

DIY Picture Board Book

4. Layout the first page how you want it, cut the corners to be round if your board book is round… which most are. Then put on a thin layer of modpodge and place cardstock down. Make sure to smooth it down really good as air bubbles tend to pop up VERY EASILY. They don’t show up until later so just try to smooth everything down in the beginning. Let dry about 10min and place scissors or something to separate pages so no dripping or rub off occurs. Again… drink more wine. AND ONLY DO ONE set of PAGES at a time! Dont try to cheat, you will regret it, trust me I tried.

DIY Picture Board Book DIY Picture Board Book DIY Picture Board Book

*** Tip *** I like to put my brush in a plastic bag while waiting for project to dry. This way the sponge or brush does not dry out.

DIY Picture Board Book

5. Next smooth a layer of modpodge over the top of the picture and the edges so it fully covers the cardstock and make sure that the edges barely have any on them. Go over edges with a paper towel if you need to, this will save the pages from sticking together in the long run.  Let this dry at least 15min. More wine drinking!  I put scissors between the lower page and the rest of the pages while drying so they wouldn’t stick together.

DIY Picture Board Book DIY Picture Board Book

6. Do the above process until all of your pages are finished. I had 30 total pages to do, so ummm it took me some time

7. When you are finished you might run into these issues: The pages will still be slight tacky and the book will not lay flat. The book was easy to get to lay flat, I just put tissues in between the pages, closed it and put hand weights on top after one night it was flat and fine. For the tackiness of the pages- THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN IF YOU MODPODGE EXTRA THIN AND WIPE EDGES. But if you are like me and went too thick with the modpodge then you can spray on clear gloss over the pages and AGAIN let them dry.  I also added duck tape to the outer spine because I was worried the book would fall apart since the one I got from thrift store was pretty old. I have bought this mustache duck tape on Amazon (where else? I love amazon) for 6$ and have used it on many different projects so far.

DIY Baby Board Book


Soooooo…. as you can see this book requires some computer skills, some patience and some wine, but I think it was worth it in the end! I will be making one for my daughter Scarlett for Christmas and putting on the modpodge very thin this time :) Here are a few pictures of how it turned out

DIY Baby Board Book

DiY baby board book DiY baby board book DiY baby board book   DiY baby board book DiY baby board book DiY baby board book DiY baby board book

I also wanted to add a quick blurb about the way I wrapped this birthday gift. I decided to recycle the kraft paper and use as wrapping paper! I took the paper and turned it over onto the better non glue covered side, then I splattered some acrylic paint that I had in my craft drawer and voila, wrapping paper! I spruced it up a bit with some gift tags I designed.  To download these click the link Happy Birthday Gift Tags and scroll through the pages for various colors.

Recycled wrapping paper      Recycled wrapping paper Recycled wrapping paper

Birthday Gift Tags From Sohosonnet Creative Living

I hope you enjoyed this post! For another fabulous baby gift idea visit my post pretend makeup for kids, trust me… best gift ever. My little girls LOVES her pretend play makeup. If you would like to receive my weekly newsletter sent out every Friday morning, filled with DIY tutorials for the home, the family and holidays please subscribe below


DIY Baby Board Book

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  1. says

    What a great idea! I have seen places online where you can have photo board books made but never thought to DIY one using a thrifted board book! I’ve made my son an ABC photo book which he loves but it has paper pages so he can’t look at it himself. May just have to try this idea soon.

    • says

      Thank you Robin! I can’t wait to link up more projects next week, your Twirl and Take a Bow link party is great. Just realized I need to add the button to my post, doing it now :)

  2. says

    $3.99??? I knew we needed a Trader Joe’s before, but now I may need to call the city and see if we can offer some incentives for them to build one :) And I love using an existing board book for this project – so cute.

    • says

      Haha… Melissa I want to do a blog post that is titled “Best Trader Joes wines for under 5.99!” I have a bunch in mind but my friend who works there needs to weigh in her ideas before I post it lol. Glad you like the book

  3. says

    OMG!!! I feel like a thirteen year old using that abbreviation but this is seriously exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have a great nephew turning one next month and my first grandson about to make an appearance, this is perfect. Just one thing, the link to the picmonkey part says page not found when I try it.
    Also, I’m so glad I found someone else who agrees that wine should be part of all craft projects!

  4. Alison says

    Thank you for these steps…I’ve never Modpodged but have been thinking I would cover a board book with pictures of our family for my two little ones, I just wasn’t sure how to go about it, or if it would even work as I figured it couldn’t work unless you did every page separately…and turns out you do…darn it. I am going to tackle it his weekend. LOVE the very important wine steps.

    Thank you!

    • says

      I hope you do it Alison, the kids will LOVE IT! Biggest tip… Thin thin thin mod podge. I just did a few new mod podge crafts and put the mod podge on soooo thin, then layered on thin layers on top.. worked SO MUCH better.

  5. Marisa says

    This DIY made my morning. Thanks for sharing. Trader
    Joe’s, here I come. Making a special book for some special tiny hands.
    Thank you, thank you.

  6. Elaine Danan says

    Very clever! I was wishing Shutterfly would do board books, but found Pintsized Productions do.

    My only concern with your project is whether the modge podge and other materials are safe for little teething ones?

    • says

      Hi Elaine,

      I don’t think this book is good to allow for teething little ones. It is best to read during bedtime or read with your child to make sure they are not chewing on it. Good point, thanks for commenting Elaine!


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