Cereal Box Upcycled into a Magnetic Paper Bin

We had another successful craft day with my girlfriends yesterday! My friend LeeAnn brought over lots of crafting ideas which I never thought we would have time to do but she works SO FAST and got them done. I barely could keep up taking pictures for the blog.  One of the easiest and fastest projects we made was this cereal box upcycled into a magnetic paper bin for your fridge. SO SO SO Easy.

Materials: Cereal Box,  Scrapbook paper (cute options from amazon), scissors, glue

Cereal Box Upcycled into a Magnetic Paper Bin

At first I was looking online to figure out the perfect dimensions and seeing if there was a tutorial anywhere. LeeAnn was laughing , and telling me “it is easy, you just cut a cereal box into the shape you want… you dont need a tutorial”. She was rightI I watched her cut one out in 30 seconds then I made her cut another one slowly so I could take pictures to share with you.

Step One: Cut  the cereal box into the shape you want. Like I said above, just wing it.

Cereal Box Upcycled into a Magnetic Paper Bin

Step Two- Trace and then cut the scrapbooking paper to match the size of the box (pictured below)

Step Three- Glue the paper onto the surfaces of the cereal box

Cereal Box Upcycled into a Magnetic Paper Bin

Step Four- Add Magnets to the back. If you do not have these then I have seen people use magnetic clips (that can be used for chips etc) but they do not hold a lot of weight.

Cereal Box Upcycled into a Magnetic Paper Bin

Cereal Box Upcycled into a Magnetic Paper Bin

That is it, all finished! It was super fast and easy. Meanwhile…….  in the yard

Cereal Box Upcycled into a Magnetic Paper Bin


Not in the mood to DIY? Here are a few fridge storage items you can purchase…

Magnetic Spice Circles 

Magnetic Organizer








  1. says

    LOVE this, Sonnet!! So crafty and thrifty! I need more cheap projects like this (says my husband). My fridge needs this!

    • says

      You are welcome (well, I can’t take credit… my friend LeeAnn brought over the idea). Scarlett has been taking it off the fridge and putting stuff in it. So now we have a new toy and a storage bin

  2. Jenn says

    Someone should make a list of cereal brands in boxes that are big enough for regular 8.5×11″ paper…that’s the problem I always have! Standard cereal boxes are just *that* bit too small….

    • says

      Awwww thanks Amy!! So glad you like it, my friend got that scrapbooking paper in one of the clearance “stacks” at michaels. She got the entire book for $7. Then I went through and took the best ones during our craft day haha.. poor thing.

  3. says

    I love how simple, yet stylish this looks! Now I need to stop recycling my cereal boxes and save a few for craft projects. :)


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